The Candyman Is Back

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3 min readSep 29, 2021

The new retelling takes you back to the streets, where urban legend meets reality.

The classic horror movie Candyman is finally getting the reboot it deserves, and audiences are not disappointed. With its ominous visuals paired with an engaging storyline that will keep you on your toes from start to finish, this film has no intention of letting you see all conflicts resolved.

Nia Da Costa is not just a rising star in Hollywood, but she has made history. She not only helms a crew and creates content but also can captivate audiences. One of America’s most successful Black female directors has made waves with her diverse perspectives on race in film or how women should be portrayed through celluloid images.

This year, her new film was screened alongside Get Out and BlacKkKlansman at the Cannes Film Festival before premiering in America. The social impact initiative was created by Nia Da Costa herself to promote conversation around issues explored within it, such as gentrification, which makes for an exciting watch, especially if you’re looking into tackling these same problems head-on yourself through work or life goals;

The new adaptation of “Candyman” promises even more thrills than before, thanks in part to employing shadow puppetry techniques, which allow viewers chills without having seen any blood spill or screams come out of their speakers — what’s better than being scared.

Candyman is a legend among legends. His blood-soaked hook for a hand that went into flesh with every bite so that he could take revenge on those who wronged him has been retold for generations to come in sacred liturgical books across America by people too afraid to look upon their reflection.

Da Costa expressed to make this reboot a more cohesive film that takes the mythology of its predecessor. This movie uses racial undertones and clever ways by incorporating brief moments into what could be seen as something else entirely. These subtle hints at people’s true nature or darker intentions make it much easier to guess who might end up being monsters next.

Michael Hargrove plays Sherman Fields, a man with one arm. Sherman Fields is falsely accused of planting razor blades in candy and becomes the new subject for Candyman legend after being tortured by police officers who killed him at gunpoint during an arrest when they found no evidence against him.

Candyman is a horror film that will stay with you for days. Besides being gory, it’s also terrifying, and the plot is well written. This reboot brings a new flavor to the horror genre. It’s not the movie to watch if you’re looking for lighthearted entertainment or something that can be easily forgotten at the end.

That said, the story was compelling to its audience throughout the film, despite how disturbing its imagery was. It comes with an excellent recommendation per Rotten Tomato; checking out this indie flick made by some talented filmmakers who have a lot more up their sleeves in store for their audience in the future of horror movies.



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